LUMIA Fitness & Wellness

At Lumia we have you covered. Whether you are at the start of your fitness and wellness journey or you would like to add some more fuel to your fire. We welcome everyone, from all walks of life, to learn and create strength, consistency and purpose to their wellness.

A little bit about our classes...

Dynamic Pilates

Working the body with the fundamentals of Joseph Pilates Classical Method with a sprinkle of spice to wake up muscles you never knew you had. Pilates is a great place to come for a low impact workout but you will get a sweat on for sure! You will leave this class feeling energised, lengthened and strengthened in all the right places!

Weights vs Cardio


This class will have your heart pumping and your whole body burning. The perfect full body sculpting workout from home, using weights or anything you can get your hands on! You will leave this class feeling strong, centred and fulfilled. 

Power Vinyasa

A vigorous, dynamic, physically and spiritually energising form of yoga that sculpts and tones every muscle in the body. Includes various elements of many different yoga styles.

Slow Vinyasa Flow Yoga

The slow flow class combines breath with a slower more mindful movement. Providing more time between poses for adjustments and creating space for improving technique. This class is suitable for all levels and although slower paced it will still create heat within the body to allow yourself to fully relax and unwind.

Free Flow Yoga

Varying poses, sequences and teaching styles each week. With the aim to start your Sunday right!

Dance Fit & HiiT

This class is an absolute mood booster! Bring the fun back to your workout with Dance Fit routines that target every muscle in the body! Sweaty, light hearted, pumping music but don't be fooled this is a high intensity class but built for all levels of course! We guarantee you will leave with a big smile on your face after this one! 

Does your company offer wellbeing support for team members? We would love to help you. Our incredibly talented group of teachers are movement specialists and know just the right way your company can benefit from incorporating a wellness routine to your day to day working life.


Contact us directly to find out how we can help re-nourish your company's day to day work loads with a wide range of corporate specific wellness classes...