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LUMIA Fitness & Wellness

At Lumia we have you covered. Whether you are at the start of your fitness and wellness journey or you would like to add some more fuel to your fire. We welcome everyone, from all walks of life, to learn and create strength, consistency and purpose to their wellness.

A little bit about what we offer...

Dynamic Pilates

Working the body with the fundamentals of Joseph Pilates Classical Method with a sprinkle of spice to wake up muscles you never knew you had. Pilates is a great place to come for a low impact workout but you will get a sweat on for sure! You will leave this class feeling energised, lengthened and strengthened in all the right places!

Private Sessions - online or at your home


1:1 bespoke private sessions online at a time that suits you or at your home. These sessions are tailored to your every need and will have you reaching your goals! You can choose whatever focus you'd like whether thats weights, cardio, pilates, stretching and mindfulness or a mixture of all.  The perfect full body sculpting workout with expert knowledge and guidance. We can guarantee you'll leave every session feeling strong and fulfilled. In order to book or enquire, tap book now to email in! 

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